Republican Strategy of Sabotage is Economic Terrorism

Republican leaders have become a threat to the people of America – and of the world. They are deliberately pursuing a policy of sabotage that, if successful, would plunge the global economy into a depression. And some of the party’s leaders are making no secret of their subversive strategy.

sessionsCase in point: Texas Rep. Pete Sessions (photo at right) recently suggested the House Republicans take a lesson in insurgency from the Taliban, the fundamentalist Muslim group that has targeted U.S. troops in Afghanistan and provides an operating base for Osama bin Laden’s terrorists.

While millions of Americans lose their jobs and the global economy spirals out of control, the Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate have closed ranks in an effort to subvert President Obama’s economic recovery plan. Not content with insisting on a continuation of the failed notions that created the crisis, they have resorted to such tactics as reinventing history – claiming that President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal actually made the Depression worse, for example. And they keep repeating this heresy despite the facts and figures produced by responsible scholars to disprove it.

It is a propaganda tactic known as the Big Lie. You invent some shocking “fact” that is totally and demonstrably false and keep repeating it until the public believes it. Here’s one really absurd example: Newly elected Republican National Chairman Michael Steele insists that the government cannot create jobs, that only private employers can. Ignoring the blatantly obvious fact that various government agencies provide jobs for millions of Americans – from firemen and law enforcement officers to schoolteachers and civil servants, Steele goes on to argue that government-created “work” is temporary and cannot be classified as “jobs.” How this man obtained a law degree beats me. But you know the old saying, “Nobody ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” If Steele and his ilk keep on repeating this nonsense, eventually some people will start to believe it.

If you examine recent Republican tactics, you will see that the party’s strategy is nothing less than subversion. The Republican leaders have quite openly decided to block Obama’s recovery plan by fair means or foul in order to precipitate another Great Depression. Apparently, they are willing to inflict the most horrible suffering on the mass of the American people – and of millions more around the world who would be devastated by an economic collapse. They see this – perversely – as their only chance of regaining power. I see it as economic terrorism.