Republicans areThumbing Their Noses at Us

In the weird world of Republican primary politics, I have to conclude that the right-wing crazies are deliberately thumbing their noses (to put it politely) at the rest of us.

Why else would they favor Herman Cain?

Or Newt Gingrich?

Yet the most recent polls show these two stooges vying with Mitt Romney for the top position among Republican presidential candidates.

It would be a strange, strange world, indeed, in which these two characters could be considered as contenders for the presidency.  Comparing them with Barack Obama would be a bad joke.

Cain, whether he hit on those women or not, is a parody. He brags about his insensitivity, his ignorance and his vulgarity. It is inconceivable that this clown could represent America to the rest of the world.

Gingrich is a pompous rogue, whose hypocrisy is legendary. He is the only House speaker in America’s history who was reprimanded for ethics violations. He had to pay stiff fines as a result of repeated financial improprieties while in Congress. And his sex life is even more repugnant.  In one steamy episode, he was carrying on an affair with an intern while berating Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky misadventure.

It would be a flagrant insult to American voters for Republicans to select either of these two as their standard bearer.

If there is any sanity left in the Republican Party, they will be stuck with Mitt.

I wish I knew what he stands for. So far, he has taken just about every available position on every conceivable issue.

The possibility of anyone choosing him over Obama, one of the most well-meaning presidents this country has ever had, leaves me scratching my head.

But who knows? Look at the voters’ choices in 2010. Look at the wreckage that has resulted. And tell me why Americans vote the way they do.