Republicans Want Economy to Fail So They Can Get Back in Power

I knew the bipartisan approach would do no good. The American system of governance is based on checks and ballances, not on mutual cooperation. The voters are supposed to look at proposals submitted by the candidates and choose the package they like most – or hate least. Then the winner implements the proposed policies chosen by the most voters, and if it doesn’t work in four years the losing party gets to offer an alternative.

steinI am sure the founding fathers did not anticipate that the winning party would seek to implement the losing policy proposals. As a Constitutional law professor, Barack Obama knows this. So why is he pandering to the irrational right?

Voters kicked the Republicans out of office, giving Obama a mandate to keep his campaign promises. So come on, Barack, let’s get it on! Enough of this “free-market” mumbo-jumbo. Americans clearly want a government that governs, not a laissez-faire pack of enablers who help the corporate elite loot the country (and the world).

Obama must see that losers like House Republican Leader John Boehner have no intention of helping him to produce a workable stimulus plan, and are pretending to participate in the process only in order to sabotage it. I am convinced the Ohio Congressman (and a lot of other Republicans) would like the Obama Administration to fail because that would give them a chance to regain power.

If the new President doesn’t believe this, he should consider what Russ Limbaugh said recently. Limbaugh, who seems to be the spokesman for the Republican Party these days, came right out and said he wants Obama to fail.

These guys don’t care about the suffering an economic failure would cause not only in America but also in the rest of the world. The Republican Party represents the selfish rich, and – thanks to eight years of Bush – the selfish rich have deep enough pockets to survive an economic collapse.

It is time for Obama to stop the bipartisan charade and spend the political capital we gave him. He should trust the voters to recognize Republican obstructionism and reward it in 2010 by kicking the obstructionists out of Congress.