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ReUp-Ghett’a Life By Tanya Stephens

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For all the folks that missed the 24 hour link. I have been asked by Tanya’s management team to re-upload this track. Please download, say it and play it. if you need anything please reply to this email and it will be forwarded to her management. Thank You

From the New Movie Ghett’a Life brand New Tanya Stephens – Ghett’a Life available for 24hours Download. Listen now send feedback to [email protected] Mediafire direct link: http://www.mediafire.com/?s7u5x4utcqz1ga8 Check Out Bymriddim.com for more of Tanya Stephens Music or Tanya Stephens Itunes

With the anticipation rapidly mounting for the official release of the film Ghett’a Life, more excitement has been added to the mix with the release of the official music video for the Tanya Stephens title track.

The music video premiered on TVJ’s Entertainment Report on Friday.

The film has been generating its own share of praises and awards for the high production value, captivating storyline and compelling visuals. The same buzz associated with the film is expected for the title track and its accompanying music video.

The first major ingredient is Tanya Stephens at her soulful and melodic best, performing potent lyrics to an equally potent rhythm. It was only fitting that the visuals to accompany this music video match the quality, theme and imagery created by the song.

Guinness partnered with the Ghett’a Life crew to put together the music video.

Gary Dixon, brand manager for Guinness, said, “the aim was to partner with Ghett’a Life and Tanya Stephens, who both align with Guinness’ vision of reaching for greatness.”

Guinness also enjoys product placement in the feature film.

The music video was shot by acclaimed director of Ghett’a Life, Chris Browne, who injected his signature brand of talent into the video for the movie’s soundtrack.

By his own admission, he had to match the video with the high standard of both the film and its title track.

“Once we had a rough cut of the film Tanya came and saw it and wrote Get a Life specifically for it. The song is powerful in its lyrics and message and became the anthem for the film. It was important to us to do a video with Tanya that showcased not only Tanya but the theme of the film as well,” Browne explains.

Simplicity and symbolism

According to Browne, the preference was for simplicity and symbolism above extravagance, since the film’s issues and themes are already complex.

“In the end, I opted for a simple performance piece of Tanya singing the song intercut with scenes from the film which best illustrates the song. It’s a slow song, so I wanted long takes of Tanya singing but with movement. I also wanted an urban setting and so I chose to shoot in the Grants Pen gully, which is straight but lined on either side with rusty zinc.”

Brown also used technical skill to boost the visual creativity of the music video. “I also used a steadicam from the back of a moving vehicle as Tanya walked behind us. I choose to shoot it in slow motion and speeded up the song to match in editing. The sync worked out nicely. We coloured each segment differently and added flare effect,” Browne explained.

Browne also asserted that based on the way the music video was shot, the film will be able to stand out as an individual music video even though it represents the film, and this will be appreciated by overseas audiences.

“Tanya’s song not only represents the film, but it stands alone as a song in its own right. For now, the song will present the film to the wider music audience, not only in Jamaica but to the diaspora abroad.”

Impressive cast

Ghett’a Life was co-produced by Natalie Thompson and its impressive cast includes Carl Davis, Teddy Price, Karen Robinson, among others. It is set against the backdrop of Kingston’s inner city, and explores one boy’s attempt to achieve boxing glory, despite the political divide that threatens to tear his community and country apart. His journey takes him on a path that will force him to defy his family and his community and the result will either destroy him or bring his community together.

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