Revenge on Email Scammers


Like many of you I am bombarded with email scam mails. Over the weekend I watched the Dateline NBC to catch an “email scammer” program. It was funny. I could not believe these scammers would actually meet with someone in person. I thought Dateline flying to these other countries to meet the scammers for the program was the tops. This was until I read the story about an online love scam were an Australian man who went to Africa to meet a lady he fell in love with online. He was kidnapped and beaten. They called his family for ransom. They did not pay and eventually he was let go.

Another interesting story related to email scams is those who spend their time seeking revenge on them. There is a website called where internet users with a lot of time on their hands have these email scammers jump through hoops before letting them know they are onto their scam. This one story where a scammer is asked to take photos is hiliarious.