Concert Review: Nadine Sutherland Wows Georgia!

She was witty, energetic, sexy, inspiring, professional, warm, charming and extremely entertaining as this true princess of Reggae music continued her love affair with what some call the fastest growing Caribbean community outside of the Caribbean, Georgia. Nadine Sutherland came, she entertained and she conquered! 

The Reggae Dancehall star, TV star (Rising Star) and Journalist went through her hits like; “Action”, “Babyface”, “I’m In Love (Rainbow)”, “Anything For You”, “Big Tingz” and more. From the moment she stepped on stage at the Vibes Night Club in Decatur Georgia, the air was filled with electricity, and the venue was filled with energy. Sutherland commanded the stage as she bounced and danced all over the stage, never missing a beat, always hitting the right notes and exciting the crowd with her great performance. 

On stage she went through many personas, she was the girl next door, she was your little sister, she became your older sister, your adviser, the sexy lady you fall in love and multiple other powerful yet comforting roles, all in one night! She showed an extremely diverse repertoire that showed an experienced performer, singer and entertainer that belied how young she looks on stage. The beautiful, strong, high-energy person on stage could easily pass for a teenager, however the same person on stage gave words of advice and commentary (without being preachy) that demonstrated the existence of an old soul. 

The contestants of her hit TV show “Rising Star” would have learned a lot if they had been in that audience. This was an audience that understood that they were witnessing quality, commitment, and professionalism. As she sang hit after hit, it was clear to the listener that they have loved this artist for close to thirty years yet she exhibits the atmosphere and feel of someone half her age, but when she stopped the music to talk about the issues of the day and then let us know that “this too shall pass” she comforts you as well as any mother. 

Nadine Sutherland came to Georgia and gave them a wonderful present. As a protégé of the King Bob Marley, she made her former mentor proud that night by giving an intelligent, diverse, professional and yet intimate performance. She gave Georgia her music, her energy, her amazing voice, and her love. Hence the love affair between Nadine and Georgia hit another great milestone.