Richard Smallwood’s 15th CD Promises In Stores July 19, 2011

After four decades as one of the most popular Gospel artists in the genre, Richard Smallwood remains a vital and vibrant fixture in Gospel music.  With the July 19th release of his 15th CD Promises, Smallwood showcases his timeless gifts as songwriter and pianist and delivers a body of work that is at once refreshing and reflective.
Recorded live in a small studio setting, Promises is Smallwood’s first CD since the 2005 passing of his beloved Mother, who was the artist’s biggest fan and motivator.  “I had not written a song since my mom died,” he says, “I thought the gift had dried up.  I would try to write and nothing would come.”
A wellspring of inspiration hit in 2009, and Promises that may very well be Smallwood’s most personal and intimate album yet – was born.  “I was watching CNN and was overwhelmed by the negativity I saw,” Smallwood says.  “I began to think that regardless of what the media says, we as God’s children are heirs to the Kingdom and He has made us certain promises…then all of these songs began to come to me as dreams, sometimes four or five at a time and I could barely keep up with them.  I knew that God was saying something that we all needed to hear.”