This Week On Digicel Rising Stars

Sunday’s Performance show of Digicel Rising Stars was dedicated to the memory of the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson. Those who saw the show would agree that the contestants would have made the King proud with either their soulful, heartfelt performances, or their energetic crowd rocking display in true Michael Jackson fashion.
Kiki joined the show this week, in the very hot, redesigned Chill Room, which has a 1950’s diner appeal, candy cane swirls and all. Though having a guest judge this early in the season is a rarity, Miss “And So!” D’Angel joined the show this week, replacing Nadine Sutherland and held her own alongside Anthony Miller and Clyde McKenzie. Backup singers were also introduced to this week’s performances, ensuring that each rendition fulfilled its maximum potential.
Outstanding Performances
The Top Ten made it clear to the audience this week that they had no intention of going home. Even the usually very abrasive Miller commented mid show that he was giving out too many complements for the evening. Though all the potential Digicel Rising Stars were shining brightly, some were able to outshine their competition, namely Angele Smith, Stacheal Smith, and no longer holding Diva-to-be status, the newly ordained Fluffy Diva, Adena Myrie.
Performing Jackson’s edgier Dirty Diana, Angele had the audience in a frenzy with his slick dance moves, impersonating Jackson’s moves right down to the waist gyrations that had the female audience members going crazy. Stacheal on the other hand, brought back the life and the funk to the Jackson 5’s Want You Back, a performance that redeemed her from last week’s mediocre display, and brought her back seriously into the competition. Anthony agreed, stating “Before, what we were getting was fancy dance steps, I’m getting a real sense of somebody’s vocals, and I like it.”
Adena outshone her competition again this week, with her extraordinary vocals, leaving the audience in an uproar after her rendition of Never Can Say Goodbye. Seeming still in awe, Miller had just one thing to say, “Simply put, you have the best voice in the competition.”
Though most contestants this week were seen sporting either a white or black glove, MJ’s style was carried through, even to Angele’s zipper jacket and pant-suit, white socks and black shoes, and Brown Sugar’s red jumpsuit complete with gold tasselled epaulettes. Princess Tia, another contestant following the MJ fashion train, performed Man in the Mirror in a shiny, gold, square shouldered, narrow waisted jacket and skinny jeans, accompanied by a black velvet hat with a gold rim, and a pair of gold, stiletto, open-toed sandals.
Sandy brought an edgier look to the stage during her performance of Black or White, and though her black corseted dress with layers above the knee skirt was a hit, her half boot, round-toe, laced pumps were a miss, along with Crissy’s fur jacket and boots combo.
Notable Judges Comments
Moments performed on par with last week’s performance, using the song The Girl is Mine to leave the audience more than satisfied, and the judges happy, namely Clyde, who showed his liking for their performance, saying “You’re bad, you’re bad, you know it!”
However, Princess Tia’s performance got mixed reactions from the judges. While Clyde agreed with D’Angel, who thought Tia’s performance was lacking, stating that she “could have put more into it, more passion”, miraculously, Killer Miller disagreed, stating “She did well. She had a minute to make her magic, and she made her magic work.”
But Dennilee, received a unanimous negative front from the judges again this week, after her performance of Heal the World. Anthony practised even more tough love with Dennilee this week, as he told her rather irritably “I took that performance the least seriously of the evening.”
Audience Comments
Judging by the constant applause, and occasional screams and whistles that came from the audience, it was made clear that not only did they fully enjoy the show, but most were huge Michael Jackson fans.
One audience member, so taken up with the show stated: “Dis much betta dan weh BET di have fi Micheal, Digicel Rising Stars to di World!”
While another audience member who was so impressed with Diva Adena’s performance last week  that she had to come and see her live simply said: “I was blown away!”
Stay tuned this Friday on TVJ to see which eight will continue to the next round of Digicel Rising Stars Season 6, and don’t forget to vote!