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This Week On Digicel Rising Stars

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The roof of the Courtleigh auditorium was left in shambles by the end of this week’s Digicel Rising Stars performance show, as performance after performance blew it to pieces. This week’s Gospel night was a humbling and inspiring experience, for both the Judges and the audience alike.
Judges Anthony Miller, Nadine Sutherland and Clyde Mckenzie, were nothing short of impressed by the contestants, as was this week’s Chill Room guest, Mr Chaka Chi Chi, Goddy Goddy. While Goddy Goddy opened the show with a prayer, the special guest artiste, Prodigal Son closed the show with a bang, the perfect ending to an awesome night.
Outstanding Performances
All the performances this week left the audience in a frenzy, though, there were a few which the judges didn’t see eye to eye on. However, the judges and audience did agree that most memorable performances came from Sandy Smith, Moments and Diva Adena.
Sandy’s emotional performance of I am Persuaded, really moved the audience, and equally impressed the Judges. Referring to Sandy’s distress after being in the bottom two last week, Nadine commented: “Hard times did you well girl!”
And while Clyde waited “for the white doves to ascend”, Anthony took the opportunity to commend Sandy on her performance, saying: “That was a really sensitive rendition of that song, it had a lot of feeling, and the feeling transferred. We really liked it.”
Moments’ lively and fun filled performance of Busy Signal’s Gospel Medley, which included revivalist songs such as The Rivers of Babylon, When the Saints Go Marching In and If I had the Wings of a Dove, had the crowd singing and dancing along with them.
Clyde, unable to hide his delight, said: “I don’t think you’ll be flying away, at least not this week! It was energetic, fun, it was different.”
Miller agreed with Clyde saying: “You know, they look like they were having fun.”
Nadine, who also agreed with Clyde, concluded: “It got me pumped!”
After Diva Adena’s performance of My Redeemer Lives, no one in the house dared doubt her belief. Her awesome, goose-bump inducing performance left virtually everyone with chills, and the judges speechless. The sincerity and raw emotion in her voice even moved some audience members to tears.
After quickly regaining his composure, Anthony said that it was “Flat out, easily the most inspiring performance.” He then concluded: “You don’t have to be a Christian to get chills down your spine.”
Clyde, agreeing, said: “That was magnificent, I mean, that was fabulous, that was WIIILD!”
At a loss for words, Nadine finally said: “Adena I am awed by you. You are an excellent singer!”
Sober yet chique seemed to be the general theme fashion-wise this week, and again leading the way was the beautiful, vivacious host, Yendi Phillipps, who wore a floor length, blue, leopard print dress, with a deep neck line, and big open sleves. A black belt brought the whole outfit together, resembling a beautiful kimono.  Next in line was Diva Adena, wearing a gorgeous turquoise, chiffon, palazzo pantsuit, with red peep toe pumps, and matching earrings. Also wearing a pair of palazzo pants was Sandy, whose high-waisted, brown linen pants went wonderfully with her plain white tank top and strings of silver chains.
Notable Judges Comments
The performances so moved the judges that it was hard even for Killer Miller to find something to complain about, but that didn’t stop him from trying. Angele’s performance of God is Truly Amazing seemed to please both the crowd and Nadine, who called it “sincere”, however Clyde and Anthony both seemed to share a different opinion.
Clyde, who was not moved by the performance, said: “If I were in his position, I wouldn’t have chosen that song. It didn’t fall flat, but it didn’t soar.”
Killer Miller however showed his utter disgust for the rendition when he said: “You more than any other contestant needed some divine intervention, and I think the Lord is unresponsive.”
Audience Comments
“The show really touched me, I’m so glad I came.” said one audience member with a look of sheer joy on her face.
Another member, a young man, said: “Between Moments’ and Prodigal Son’s performance, mi almost jump ova mi chair on di poor lady in front of me! Mi really enjoyed myself!”
A third member then stated: “I think this was the best performance show so far. We’ve weeded out all of those who need to go home; I don’t know how them can vote anybody else off now. An’ I don’t know why Anthony dem had to come down so hard on Angele, even he did a good job this week!”
To find out who makes it to the top five, make sure to tune in to TVJ this Friday at 8:30pm, and don’t forget to vote!

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