The LES Rising Star Is On Road To The Riches

After giving himself a task that to many might guarantee sleepless nights and extreme stress, Fokis, the Lower East Side’s current noise maker is in the final stages of his Road to the Riches reality show. The show has featured him networking at the Power Summit in the Dominican Republic; it has showed him hard at work in the studio, recording and producing, it has featured appearances by DJ Absolut, DJ Nasty, Saigon, The Clipse and his LES neighbor, Tru Life.

The ideology behind the Road to the Riches reality show which you can catch on Fokis’s myspace page, youtube and, was he gave himself a year to get a record deal. Throughout this project, the camera has caught Fokis in the gym, getting himself in shape, it has captured him on stage performing and it has delivered a side of Hip-Hop that many know about but very few really understand.

“This show has been a life changing experience,” Fokis explains about the determination and dedication he has displayed over the last ten months while tackling this show and prove project about what it takes to make it in the recording industry today. “It has made me a stronger person and really helped me develop a tough skin and regardless of the outcome I know I will end up in a better position then when I started, ” he digresses.

Hoping that people not just see what he has gone through to get to wherever the Road to the Riches leads, Fokis hopes people learn from the experiences he depicts. “I realized while shooting this in its infancy that sometimes you have to throw your self in the water to learn how to swim”. And with his recent track Pandemonium featuring Joell Ortiz and the Focus of Aftermath produced Can’t You See becoming firm faves on the internet, that road which he is travelling looks like it might just be proving lucrative.

The upcoming shows for the Road to the Riches which will be becoming more frequent now he is in the closing stages of the time frame he allocated will feature him working with Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Deemi as he records for his album of the same title. “We have covered a lot of ground  with this show so far, but what people don’t realize is the best is yet to come” Fokis concludes.