Romney’s Voters are White, Male and Over 50. Why?

Why do white American men over the age of 50 support Mitt Romney? That’s what a recent poll indicates. According to the poll, President Obama is ahead in every other demographic group, and the president is especially strong among young women. I’m sure you don’t have to ask why.

But what do old, white men have to gain from a Romney presidency?

Do they think they will be more employable with Romney in the White House?

That’s a laugh! If you’re over 50, man or woman, white or black, there are no jobs for you in today’s America. Employers want young, sharp workers, not a bunch of old retreads like us! Your only hope is to try and hold on to the job you have and pray the Republicans don’t demolish Social Security and Medicare before you reach retirement age.

Besides, Romney’s track record shows he is a job cutter not a job maker. In addition to his performance in the private sector, where he made millions by taking over companies and slashing their payrolls, he managed to make Massachusetts number 47 (of 50 states) in job growth while he was governor.

Surely, old, white men don’t think the Republican budget would be good for them? They’re the ones  whose Social Security and Medicare would be raided under the Ryan proposal (which Romney has enthusiastically adopted). For example, the average 50-plus guy will have to pay $6,000 a year more for health care if the Ryan Budget is in effect when he retires.

Obviously, women over 50 can see this (white, black or whatever). Obama is ahead in their group.

I guess women are smarter than men, after all.