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Roses - A Distinctive Little Anecdote

NEW BLOG POSTED: by Mz. Bumper Queen.
MEMBER SINCE: 12th August 2005
DATE: Sunday 5th October 2008
TIME: 03:49am
TITLE: Bare issues and Soggy tissues 🙁

I can’t sleep man. I really can’t and it’s annoying! I’ve counted bare sheep. In fact I’ve counted every last animal in the whole farm yard man. I even counted the number of things I would do to that Eski beat MC, Wiley, if I had just three hours alone with him. I’ve really tried to doze off, I promise. It looks like this insomnia has me on lockdown!

OK, so apparently it’s true. Men really are like roses…


Oh my days. No wonder I’ve been effing it up all this time…I must be going to the wrong blasted florist!

No doubt about it. Marlon Reid’s one big thorn I want to yank out of my backside!

Roses are red, violets are blue…Someone please tell me….When will Mz.. Bumper Queen ever find her boo?

bawling(All answers on a blinking post card please).

Talk about a long ting man…. I give up now!
No seriously I do.
It’s beyond funny and I stopped laughing a very long time ago.

It’s ironic how the same thing that gives you jokes has the ability to make you ball like a bitch.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Mr. Marlon Reid is certainly one geezer you can’t blimming trust.

What do I do from here?
The grown up thing?
The sensible thing?
Forgive him?
Forget him….?
Move the hell on?
After all in 3 months 5 days or better still in a total of 98 days…. I’m gonna be 23.
A big woman.
Yep. Time to let it go I guess.

Moving on…

[Continues Next Week…]