As Russia and China Flex Their Muscles

The Chinese are warning that they will ultimately annex Taiwan, and I don’t doubt for a minute that they will. After all, who is to stop them?

The conventions that have provided a safety net for the global community since World War II are unraveling. The wold’s balance of power is collapsing.

China and Russia are paying little attention to global disapproval as they pursue blatantly expansionist agendas.

America’s ability to preserve global stability is diminishing as the world’s two mightiest dictatorships grow stronger. And, as the European Union disintegrates, the rest of the free world  becomes even weaker.

As for the United Nations, that body is becoming increasingly irrelevant. It has failed to provide a stabilizing force in international disputes.

By invading the Ukraine and annexing the Crimea, Putin served notice that he is prepared to disregard world opinion. The resulting sanctions imposed on Russia have been no deterrent. The Russian dictator seems quite likely to seize other neighboring territory as he seeks to rebuild the old Soviet Union.

Again, who is to stop him?

Not President Trump. that’s for sure. Daily, more evidence emerges that Trump is a mere puppet of the Russian oligarchs.

If America were to intervene in China’s or Russia’s empire building, the result could be a Third World War, and that is a prospect too horrible to contemplate.

In his eight years as US president, Barack Obama pursued delicately crafted policies designed to keep the empire building dictatorships in check without triggering a global war. Now, he is gone and his policies are gone with him.

The world is spinning wildly through the 21st century, with no brakes to slow it down, no trusted hand at the steering wheel. And humanity’s fate is becoming ever more uncertain.

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