Russian Diva Takes Twelve Men Of Dream To Jamaica For A December To Remember

Natasha Shaman is not your typical Russian diva. She is as beautiful as the Siberian sunrise and she has worked the fashion ramps from Moscow to Milan with her considerable endowments as a model. But Natasha has also embraced a life of extreme adventure that has enabled her to visit eighteen countries. She has swam with sharks, participated in Russian auto rallies, secured her boating and gun licenses, and she has even been a kidnap survivor. Her next challenge is taking her favorite twelve men, her Men of Dream 2010 to Hedonism 11 in Negril, Jamaica for an all-you-can-stand buffet of unrestrained pleasures. Dates are December 5 to 12 and it will certainly be a December to remember.

Natasha’s twelve hunks will compete in a week-long series of contests that will culminate on Saturday December 11 when a winner will be chosen. The guys are mostly from across the United States and some have outlandish names like Hurricane, Savage, Mandingo, Italian Stallion and Anakonda.

“This year is the second renewal of the Men of Dream contest”, Natasha Shaman confirmed, “and our mission is to inspire people to live healthy lifestyles while fulfilling their dreams and being who they want to be”. Shaman says the contest also encourages the development of other skills and abilities that participants have, such as dancing, singing or playing the guitar. She admits that her Men of Dream contest is the naughty younger brother of another contest she created, Man of Steel that also takes place at Hedonism 11 in Jamaica.

All twelve contestants are hand-picked by Natasha and they will compete in a raft of riotous routines that will earn sectional prizes and that will also contribute to final night scores. These include the sports challenge, the magic hands creative massage competition, the provocative pillow talk, a secret talent search and the most photogenic award. Winners in each segment will be rewarded with cash prizes. Guests at Hedonism 11 during the event period are urged to participate in the activities too and a hectic schedule of fun follies has been designed for them with wet t-shirt contests, toga parties, fetish parties, talent shows, school uniform parties and a lot more. And sensuous surprises will abound during the week-long ride at the pleasure paradise called Hedonism 11.

Natasha Shaman, who also shot the Men of Hedonism calendar for 2010, is rapidly developing a reputation for delivering quality entertainment, and her Men of Dream in December will be nothing less than an extraordinary, exhilarating adventure for her as well as for those attending. “It will be a wonderful entrée to the start of the Christmas holiday season to make that trip to Hedonism 11”, one female traveler gushed. “I have already booked the week from New York City and I am sure my friends and I will have an awesome time in Jamaica”, she continued.

Hedonism 11 is an all-inclusive playground for pleasure that nourishes the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul. This trend-setting resort has shattered inhibitions, pushed the limits of human endurance and brought untold joys and fulfillment to hedonists from all corners of the globe. And everything you’ve heard about Hedonism is true!