Nuclear War or Sanctions?


So Russia has developed a new, improved nuclear missile and Putin is threatening the rest of the world with it.

He’ must be a bigger fool than I thought he was.

Unless its warhead is so devastating that no response is possible, using a nuclear missile would provoke retaliation in kind. And the end result would surely be destruction of the entire earth.

Putin would be crazy to provoke an exchange of missiles with any nuclear power, let alone America, which possesses an  arsenal capable of destroying the world many times over.

And, while he is a bombastic bully with homicidal instincts, Putin is not crazy.

He must know that talk of nuclear conflict is fantasy.

 In the real world, the most effective weapons are not military but financial.  And the US has the power to inflict severe damage on Russia through sanctions.

But so far, Trump is balking at implementing the sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly approved by Congress.

So it seems to me that Putin’s most potent weapon against America is not some supersonic nuclear missile but his surrogate in the White House.

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