Sandals Foundation Sandals South Coast Give Back to Schools in Celebration of Valentines

Love comes in different forms and as many celebrated Valentines last week, the Sandals Foundation and Sandals South Coast through partnership with the international non-profit, Pack for a Purpose Program delivered on their love for our Caribbean by providing much needed school supplies and appliances to some 358 students.

The gift of love was shared with St. Elizabeth based schools; Happy Grove Early Childhood Institute (ECI) and Nightingale Grove Baptist ECI as well as Mernsville Primary and Infant school in Cave, Westmoreland.

“Since 2009, the Sandals Foundation has worn its heart on its sleeve, pledging to work towards improving the lives of our Caribbean people through programmes that support education, community and the environment,” said Rochelle Forbes, Public Relations Manager at Sandals South Coast.

“In the area of education, the Foundation aims to not only provide access to education but to create an environment that is conducive to  learning and that means ensuring that our schools have the basic necessities in order to operate.”

During this wave of donations, the Sandals Foundation  was able to assist the needs of the schools by providing wall fans, reading books, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, learning flash cards, rulers, sharpeners, paint, glue, writing books and other essential items.

“Mernsville Primary and Infant school is very grateful for the items gifted to us by the Sandals Foundation,” said Senior Teacher, Pamela Booth. “With our new wall fans, the classrooms will be much cooler and this will enhance the teaching and learning process.”

Principal at Happy Grove ECI, Annette Barracks-McIntosh also said her school is extremely gratified and appreciative of the gesture by the Sandals Foundation noting that the provision of resources like these definitely aid in the classroom, hence resulting in optimal performance at all levels.

Sandals Foundation Sandals South Coast give back to Schools in Celebration of Valentines 3
Sandals Foundation Volunteer, Shantia Pusey unpacks school supplies from a box during a recent donation at Nightingale Grove Baptist ECI, looking on is the school’s Principal, Carmella Colquhoun.
Sandals Foundation Sandals South Coast give back to Schools in Celebration of Valentines 1
Students of Happy Grove ECI show off a few of the brand new school supplies they received during a recent hand-over at their school. Sharing in the moment are the school’s Principal, Annette Barracks-McIntosh and Sandals Foundation Volunteer, Gregory Parchment.
Sandals Foundation Sandals South Coast give back to Schools in Celebration of Valentines 2
Principal of Mernsville Primary and Infant school, Rosetta Young (left) is joined by a member of her faculty and students as she received six brand new wall fans for her school from Sandals South Coast Public Relations Manager, Rochelle Forbes (right) and Sandals Foundation Volunteer, Evernie Taylor.