Sarah Who? I Refuse to Join the Pervading Palinmania

I won’t write about Sarah Palin. I won’t buy her book. I won’t read her book. I don’t care what John McCain’s campaign advisers say about her book. I don’t want to know whether she plans to run for president (of the USA or anywhere else). I don’t care that every, single, solitary talking head on television and radio is obsessed with this oh-so-ordinary Alaskan ex-governor. If I never hear her name again that will be OK with me.

I am sure you used to know “gals” like her in high school. And you probably didn’t like them then, either. They were obsessed with being popular and with running their catty little cliques. As a lifelong “loner,” I wouldn’t even be in their universe, and I wouldn’t want to be. (You can say “sour grapes” all you want; I’m used to it, so it will just roll off my back.)

And I am pretty sure that if you’re reading my blogs, you don’t want to hear about Sarah Palin – or her “porno” (her description) foil, Levi Johnston.  Since I know you don’t want to hear what the talking heads have to say about her, and since that’s all you’re likely to hear on TV for a while, I suggest playing the video below over and over and over to drown out the prattle.

(The video is of 14-year-old international yodeling champion Tiffany Jo Allen performing at the Tucson Folk Festival. And it’s a lot more edifying than the stuff they’re saying about Palin and her political aspirations.)