Scholarship To Study Music And Visual Arts In Cuba

The Catedra Internacional de Artes Plasticas y Musicas (CIAPM) in Cuba is offering two scholarships – one in Music (percussion and guitar) and one in Visual Arts (painting and sculpture) – to Jamaican students between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, to pursue a course of study in Cuba for approximately 3 ½ years, beginning in March 2009.

Among the sponsors of the programme are several well known international artistes such as Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Danny Rivera and Pablo Mercano Garcia. The programme began in 2004 and thus far 23 students from 14 countries have graduated. This year 16 scholarships are being offered to students from Columbia, United States of America, Spain, Haiti, Jamaica, Timor L’Este, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

The scholarship will cover travel to and from Cuba at the beginning and end of the course, accommodation, ground transportation to and from classes, meals, tuition, course materials and medical services during the course of study.

Applicants should have CXC or higher academic achievement.The deadline for application is now January 15, 2009. Interested persons may send an email message to [email protected] or download the application form from .