Scotchies Jerk Centre, Drax Hall, St. Ann, Jamaica

Scotchies: one of our favourite places to eat!  I don’t know what else to say, except that everything on the menu is DELICIOUS!!  Our friend Billy took us there on our first trip to Jamaica, and ever since we just can’t stay away.  Scotchies specializes in Jamaican food, and more specifically their jerk chicken and pork is just amazing.

For those of you who don’t know, Jamaica is famous for it’s style of cooking called jerk: its a mix of spices (that typically includes pimento, allspice, ginger, thyme and hot peppers) that they dry rub onto their chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, etc … and is normally slow cooked/smoked over certain types of wood to give it a special smoky taste.  (check out our video below to see how its cooked at Scotchies!)  You’ll find jerk centres all over the island where the food is prepared using this native style of cooking.

The Scotchies that we frequent is located in the Parish of St. Ann, more specifically in Drax Hall …. click on the link here to read our review of Scotchies, as well as a video of them cooking some delicious jerk chicken!!  Kate and Kayla go to Scotchies!