Shame on Time Magazine!



Can anyone tell me why Time Magazine included Donald Trump (above, left) among its finalists for Person of the Year?

Indeed, with a few exceptions, the magazine’s finalists seem more like a rogue’s gallery than a list of top newsmakers.

It includes: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (above, right); Black Lives Matter activists; Caitlyn Jenner, the former male Olympic star who became a woman; Travis Kalanick, CEO of the rogue cab company Uber; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; Russian President Vladimir Putin; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani; and The Donald.

When the leader of a cowardly terror group is held up as possibly the most important figure in the year’s news, the world is a sorry place indeed. As for the rest of the list, who on it gets your vote?

Nobody on that list gets mine. And Time’s readers agree with me. They picked Bernie Sanders as their Man of the Year, and he wasn’t even on Time’s short list.

I think the readers  may have something.

But I wouldn’t pick anyone in politics. It seems the entire political process has become disconnected from reality and everyone in it is irrelevant. Even Bernie.

Of course, if by some miracle he wins the nomination, if by an even more improbable twist of fate he becomes President… Then, he becomes my Person of the Year. But the way things are today, he is just a voice crying in the wilderness – here today and forgotten tomorrow.

Most irrelevant of all is the blowhard Donald Trump. He is entirely a creation of the media, a hot air balloon floating above the crazy political phantasmagoria, uttering obscene noises that nobody but the media and a pathetic slice of the lunatic right can hear.

I have news for you editors at Time. There’s a real world out here, guys, and Trump isn’t part of it. Increasingly, neither are you folks in the mainstream media.

Somewhere in this world, someone is working on a clean energy breakthrough… Or a cure for some dread disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s or diabetes…

But these people didn’t make headlines, so they didn’t make Time’s short list.

Runners-up in the readers’ poll included Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and Pope Francis. You might recall the price Malala paid for her determination to be educated. She was shot in the face by Islamist extremists in Pakistan but survived and continues to crusade for global education for girls.

She is someone I could vote for.

And what about Pope Francis?  In his serene way, he continues to seek the means to accommodate the diverse views and conflicting needs of a complicated world, and to oppose the dark forces that breed bombs and bloodshed.

I know he already was selected as Person of the Year back in 2013, but even so, Pope Francis is my choice for Person of the Year. Again.

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