Sheryl Crow On Disciplining – and Bribing – Her Kids

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Sheryl Crow On Disciplining – and Bribing – Her Kids

Naomi Kaltman

Sheryl Crow may be a rock star, but when it comes to parenting, she’s a strict mom.

The singer credits her own mother with helping her realize the importance of disciplining sons Wyatt Steven, 4 and Levi James, 1.

“My mom said it’s going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt them,” Crow, 49, explained during the Tom’s of Maine Simply White web chat.

“So when I would get upset about putting him in a time out or being stern with him as Wyatt was going through the terrible 2s and challenging 3s, she would say, ‘Those things are not going to be memorable for him. What’s memorable for him is gonna be the feeling of safety.’”

But that doesn’t mean Crow, who’s dating Doyle Bramhall II and recently released the cookbook If It Makes You Healthy, won’t bribe her kids to get them to eat right.

“I’m all about bribery when it comes to my little kids eating, particularly my 4-year-old,” the musician admitted. “‘If you’ll try this, Wyatt, you can have some of this.’ That’s how we do it.”

– Alla Byrne