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Shock And Awe As K’Alee Exits Digicel Rising Stars

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On the lips of many last Friday night (September 19) was the question: “Who was going home?”  For some self-proclaimed Nostradamus’ it was SLR, and for others they refused to call it.

“It easy, the three little girls them do them time, time for them to go!” was the comment that started discussion among the studio audience before air-time. The young lady who belted that comment was soon told by another female: “SLR should go home but they not going home…is three of them; three different people voting for them.” A gentleman behind them felt: “Them group a boys need to go and then next week the three girls…leave the woman them to do them thing.”

Less than an hour later the studio was mere chatter and shock, when series host Yendi Phillips said to SLR: “SLR tonight I’m informing you that your spotlight is still on…you are still in the competition.” Shortly thereafter the raspy songstress, K’Alee, from the Woodford Park in Kingston, was given her exit from the competition. Immediately reactions spread throughout the studio audience: “No that not right!” and “A mistake that!”

Despite being voted off the competition, K’Alee remains positive:  “I entered Digicel Rising Stars  looking at it as an investment where you can either win or lose, so I’m not shaken up much by the results.” commented K’Alee in her smiling voice after the results of the show.

When asked by Yendi, ‘whether or not Jamaica made the correct choice’ Judge Nadine gave a resounding: “No, Jamaica did not…truly K’Alee does not deserve to go home.” Anthony on the other hand said: “Jamaica voted and the results here tonight show what they voted for. We can’t argue with them…but if they say K’Alee should go home, Goodbye K’Alee.”

Clyde McKenzie, who was missing at last Friday’s Judgment Night, also reacted to what some consider a premature exit for K’Alee:  “In a situation like this, one regrets a person like a K’Alee coming out, even though not consistently impressive.”

In his absence, Clyde was criticized by some patrons for being the reason SLR created an upset in the results last Friday, based on his decision to let them stay over Secret Melodies a few weeks earlier.

“A Clyde cause this, him should have let SLR go home that night when they were at the bottom two with Secret Melodies…now them in a top three?” questioned a noticeable disheartened patron who complained to Nadine as much as she could after the show.

These results just go to show that you can never predict what Jamaica will decide.

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