Shooting Victims Should Sue the NRA

In America, you can often achieve justice more effectively through the courts than through the political process. Obviously, political opposition to “gun rights” has failed miserably. The National Rifle Association and its sinister allies have intimidated mambers of both major parties. Even when an Arizona congresswoman is gunned down, Congress does not dare to act to stem the deadly proliferation of weapons.

The massacre in Colorado last night (photo above) is one more example of the pernicious consequences that result from distortion of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

No impartial person would interpret the amendment as the NRA insists. But the organization’s unlimited spending has driven gun control advocates into the underbrush.

Any attempt to stop the senseless bloodshed seems doomed to failure in today’s sick political environment.  Already the far-right noise machine is mounting a shrill defense against the shock waves from the Colorado massacre. The blogosphere is abuzz with claims that “the left” will “exploit” the tragedy to promote an “insensitive” assault on “second amendment rights.”

Obviously, the paid hacks have been mobilized. You can expect the paid politicians to rally behind them.

It seems to me that the courts might provide the only path to restoring a semblance of civilization in this increasingly savage society.  

Certainly another judicial interpretation of the Second Amendment is desperately needed.  The Supreme Court’s conservative majority has predictably ruled against gun control laws, but I can’t see them deciding that any American, however crazy, can buy AK-47s, bazookas and other weapons of war at will. 

And even they might agree that the innocent victims of the NRA’s reckless crusade deserve some consideration.

I am not a lawyer, of course, but it seems to me that class action lawsuits against the NRA would be an appropriate way to provide compensation for the wounded and solace for those who lost their loved ones. 

And widespread legal action might make the NRA and its allies think twice about their callous campaign to bolster its members’ profits at the expense of innocent lives.

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