Shullette Cox Appointed as New President of JAMPRO
The Board of Management and Staff of JAMPRO are pleased to announce the appointment of Shullette Cox as the new President of JAMPRO.
Shullette Cox Appointed as New President of JAMPRO
The appointment of Mrs. Cox by the Board of Directors strategically aligns with the organization’s renewed focus on growing exports, expanding investments and improving the business environment of the nation.  She was first appointed Acting President on January 2, 2023, and led the JAMPRO team that supported the recent Ministerial Mission to Guyana, which has been lauded as being highly successful.

At the announcement of her full appointment to staff, Mrs. Melanie Subratie, Chairman of JAMPRO, noted that she was pleased with the comprehensive recruitment process carried out by JAMPRO’s Board of Directors and the final selection of the new President, commenting further that “Shullette Cox was instrumental in the successful execution of numerous initiatives at JAMPRO which have helped establish JAMPRO and Jamaica as a global leader.  Notably, Shullette has helped to drive the execution of numerous government reforms that have led to an increase in Jamaica’s global ranking on the doing business report, including reforms that moved Jamaica from twenty-first in starting a business to number six in the world and leaders in the Caribbean.”  She went on to note that, “ I love how Shullette has the support and enthusiasm of the team, respect from international funding agencies, and confidence of the Board whilst also being a determined leader who likes to get things done and execute on objectives.  I would encourage the private sector to reach out to JAMPRO and Shullette to tap into the incredible support that JAMPRO is able to offer to help increase exports, increase investments and navigate government services.”

Cox was appointed Vice President in August 2013, and most recently led the Research, Advocacy and Project Implementation Division.   In that role she led in supporting the implementation of investment projects as well as to create and advance policies and reforms to make it easier to do business in Jamaica. Notably, she had oversight of various national programmes, including the National Competitiveness Council, and spearheaded the development of critical initiatives such as the National Investment Policy and the National Business Portal. She is recognised across public and private sector for her range of knowledge and experience in economic development issues.  She has previously held roles at the Office of the Prime Minister in 2008 and the Cannabis Licensing Authority, where she was Interim CEO at its establishment in 2015, concurrent with her role at JAMPRO. The promotion of Mrs. Cox to the Presidency is a success story for progression within the government sector having started her career at JAMPRO as an intern over 20 years ago.  In responding to the appointment, Cox noted that she is humbled, thankful and elated to be given the opportunity to lead the JAMPRO team at this critical juncture of Jamaica’s economic development, when the country is poised for extensive economic growth. Cox further stated that “I look forward to working with staff, the Board of directors, the Ministry and our public and private sector partners to grow significantly Jamaica’s

exports, to increase substantially local and foreign investments into the economy, and to advocate proactively for improvements in the business environment as we strive”.  Mrs. Cox will also be working closely with key entities, such as HEART/NSTA Trust and others, to expand Jamaica’s workforce by ensuring that Jamaicans, and in particular Jamaican young people who are not now in the workforce, can take advantage of training, apprenticeship, certification and employment opportunities that are available.