So what if Mr Bruce Golding did not mention the diaspora!!!


Since last week’s inauguration I have seen and heard commentary that there was no mention of the Jamaican diaspora in Mr Golding’s speech. Some people are very upset and thought maybe a frog got down his throat. I don’t understand why. He is the prime minister of Jamaica and Jamaicans who live there. I know many of us who live abroad are Jamaicans first however if we don’t live in Jamaica then he is not your Prime Minister.

I have heard Mr Golding mention the importance of diaspora in a few interviews. In fact I saw one interview the day of the election where he mentioned it. He has also visited the USA a few times during the past year to speak at Jamaican diaspora events, provide updates and campaign. I don’t ever recalling him making any promises to to the Jamaican diaspora. He can’t because he does not represent them.

I don’t understand the uproar. What do these dispora members want Bruce Golding to say. I think Jamaica has enough problems for Bruce Golding to worry about the Jamaican diaspora.

Now I can hear the chorus on the remittance. Well if we allow him to focus on the Jamaican economy maybe we will have a little more money in our pockets as we send less. This should make people happy and smiling…right