Social Network…Robberies…staking and other breach of privacy…

So now there is a website called “Please Rob Me

that uses data from a social network tool tell you when someone is not home. I have been trying to get a few friends to understand that posting their location on facebook and twitter can be dangerous. My advice has fallen on deaf ears as they just don’t get it.

They come back with the same excuse that you hear from other whose privacy was breached on a social network “I only post to there to friends and family”.

I normally mention the scenario where a close friend or family member has someone looking over their shoulder. This person who is an acquaintance of yours who has been “red eying” something in your house or wants do you harm. They get  to see your status over the shoulder of a friend or family member. They can now make their move. This is just one scenario.  What about the person staking you….I may sound paranoid but this is real.