I Am somebody dedicated to men & women with depression

“I am somebody/even when my
Presence depict uneasiness
as you show signs of mistrust,
Doubt, insecurities
As if/I may brake, fall apart,
By the stigma of diagnosis
None knows but He,
That I am somebody.
“I am somebody
Even in a moment of disillusion
Even in a moment of feeling unsurety,
Isolated that I am invisible,
“I am somebody.
“I am somebody
Even when my eyes, words,
Silence, steps,
May be misunderstood
Misrepresented–through fear
No one knows but God
I am somebody.
As I hold my head up high As i silently pray for you
For me when I am weary
When I am afraid when I feel void when I feel like weeping when I am alone in his presence
Even in the darkest moment
I remember
His goodness His mercy His grace
Where I was—yesterday
Where I am—today
And where I will be—in the future
I will say over and over again even in silence
I am somebody
I am somebody
I am somebody
I am pleased to know
Through Him, he tells
Me I am somebody
a beautiful somebody,
His child, just like you!

©2005 Empress M. Spirit
I pray that healing will minister to ever soul in various form of depression
‘One Love