Sorry, Bernie. It’s Hopeless



I admire Bernie Sanders. I agree with Bernie Sanders 100 percent of the time. But I know he doesn’t have a chance of defeating Hillary in the Democratic primary.

So why would I vote for Bernie, knowing I’m throwing a precious vote out the window?

Even if he performs a miracle and wins the primary, Bernie isn’t going to win the presidency.

Americans are not ready for Bernie.

He is too logical, too sensible. He doesn’t deal in myths and fables. And Americans love myths and fables.

They want to believe in horoscopes and the supernatural, rock stars and sports heroes. They don’t want the cold hard truth; it’s too cold, too hard.

They vastly prefer symbolic triumphs to material victories. They’ll refuse the bread and opt for the imaginary cake every time.

So the notion of “America’s first female president” totally trumps Bernie’s no-nonsense platform of economic and social justice.

It’s the kind of slogan America’s women – and those of us men who support their fight for equal rights – can rally around.

So sorry, Bernie. Onward and upward, Hillary!

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