Soul Rebel: An Intimate Portrait Of Bob Marley

For any reggae lover, music history buff, or Bob Marley admirer, Soul Rebel presents a unique view into Marley’s life just a few years before his death from cancer in 1981. Burnett, who has gained behind-the-scenes access to Presidents and celebrities throughout the world, remembers Bob Marley’s warmth and generosity. “I was a stranger covering him for an international news publication. Marley was especially hospitable and very forthcoming. We sat for a couple of hours speaking about everything from politics, to music, and the whole scene in Jamaica, and why it would give birth to a movement like reggae. His suspicion of politicians kind of mirrored by own, though his view was colored by the hard times he’d known growing up in Trenchtown. In a way, that is the beauty of his music, that from such harsh beginnings came such spiritual understanding and musical poetry.”

To celebrate the genius of Bob Marley on what would have been his 64th birthday, beginning February 6, 2009, and continuing through March 28, 2009, Govinda Gallery in Washington DC will present an exhibit of Burnett’s Marley images curated by Soul Rebel editor Chris Murray. Original limited edition prints of David Burnett’s photographs are available to collectors through the gallery.