Sounie Productions Creates A Buzz With Distinctive Music And Quality Sounds

Sounie Productions specializes in creating music and consists of an exceptional group of composers, song writers, sound designers, and producers.  This unique team is dynamic and altogether ardent and passionate about the production of quality reggae music.  Creativity, synergy, and the ability to give keen attention to detail are just a few reasons why Sounie Productions has been successful in its endeavors of creating the most memorable reggae music ever heard.

Sounie Productions is always at work producing grand tracks and remarkable music.  Just recently, Sounie Productions produced the “O-Nine Riddim” which featured the works of Beenie Man, Pad Anthony, Gyptian, Chantelle Ernandez, Thrilla U, Morgan Heritage, Guidance, Lt. Brooksie, Anthony B, and Lutan Fyah.  Lt. Brooksie’s “Talk it Over” went number one on the Jamaican Reggae Chart, and was also nominated for an EME award, along with Gyptian – Anything For You and Beenie Man – Progress.  Gyptian’s “Anything for You” and Beenie Man’s “Progress” also touched the number one spot on the Jamaican Reggae Chart, while Morgan Heritage’s “Three times a woman” also managed to hit the Chris Coxson Reggae Chart on New Style Radio.  The ingenious one, Lt. Brooksie currently has an album out titled “From Den Till Now”, which flaunts artistic and raw musical talent, both from the artiste and the production team.  It is obvious that Sounie Productions has pioneered and mastered that unique sound that makes dancehall and reggae music the giants they are throughout the world today.  

The “Crank It Up Riddim” is their latest project and it features LT. Brooksie, Khool, Prince Majesty and Jimmy J, Empress Robertha, Ruffi – Ann, Ras Bogle and Fire Star, all young, hot and upcoming artistes and entertainers from the Sounie Camp.  Sounie Productions works with other popular artistes such as I-Octance, Iwayne, and Gramps Morgan and their roster has a very talented line up of artistes and entertainers, which include Leopard, Ruffi Ann, and most recently Jimmy J, Prince Majesty, Empress Robertha, Mantis and Khool.

Sounie Production has set themselves apart from the usual monotony involved in creating reggae music by using state of the art music engineering technology coupled with the insatiable drive to make a positive and substantial impact on the industry, it’s patrons, and the Caribbean-American community as well.  They work well with, and accommodate record labels and independent artistes in regards to schedule flexibility, talent, and a constant drive for perfection.  Incase anyone asks, Sounie Productions is the place to go for superior music composition and high quality recordings.