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Jamaican Diaspora Southern US, Advisory Board Member Independence Day Message

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MIAMI – Jamaican Diaspora Southern US, Advisory Board Member, Marlon A. Hill, Esq. gives his Jamaica Independence Day Message as Jamaica celebrates it’s 46th Year of Independence on August 6th 2008.

My Fellow Jamaicans:

We are a work in progress and far from perfect. Nothwithstanding, we also have much to be proud of on many levels on the global stage.

As an island nation, we must not take for granted the extraordinary depth of our talents and resources across the world. Even before our youthful independence, we have been changing the social fabric of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Central America and other places around the world. We have been building the manufacturing infrastructure in Birmingham. We have been changing the cultural and academic landscape in New York. We have been transforming the business marketplace in Toronto. We should not understate or underestimate the reach of our cultural DNA across the world. Be proud and give thanks to your Almighty.

This month, we will celebrate Emancipation, Independence, and the birth of one of our national heroes, Marcus Mosiah Garvey. All of these dates signify important moments in our history and should also inspire you to reflect on your greater purpose in your local communities. At the end of the day, though you may look to the leaders of your government or local community organizations, you cannot discount the power of your own Jamaican spirit and heritage. We have been blessed with a personal power that is unique. You can see it clearly through the energy of our music and visual arts, the zestly fire of our food, the stellar performances on the Olympic track, the innovation of our businesses, and boldness of our personalities. We are Jamaican. We cannot question our purpose in this world.

We will certainly miss the leadership and personal power of our Consul General, Mr. Ricardo Allicock, who is moving on to further his own purpose. He is leaving us with an elevated standing and greater sense of purpose. We are thankful to him in inspiring and challenging our potential.

I wish for you and your families the best that comes from Independence. JAMAICA, Land We Love. Connect. Strengthen. Act. Celebrate!

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