Spanish Court Hotel, New Kingston

My webmaster asked me to take on the assignment of reflecting on our Independence celebrations in Kingston, Jamaica!!!

I have checked into the Spanish Court Hotel right in the heart of New Kingston.  Not sure hows many of us remember this little plaza…. well… back in de days it was hopping…. remember Epiphany Night Club….. well this was where it was…. remember Gino’s?  stopping by for an early morning snack after hitting the nightclubs in New Kgn…. such as Toppsi?  Who remembers Toppsi ?  ok…. so it is an age thing but…..remember  sitting outside the steps of Citibank hanging out talking to friends in the wee hours?  Move over Asylum!  Oh and for me my numero uno hairdresser Sandra King used to have her salon right here at the old Spanish Court.