STAY in School Corp to help adolescent youth in Jamaican and the Caribbean

Founded by avid humanitarian and Jamaican, Dr. Sonia Brown, STAY In School Corp is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose goal is to mobilize resources to support adolescent youth to stay in school. The organization target population and region centers on adolescents who lives in Jamaica, Dominica Republic and Trinidad, and those whose ethnicity and ancestral heritage are from the Caribbean region. The organization mission is to create investments for the adolescent youth development as game changers. Our leadership strategy is to set in motion advocacy campaigns to mobilize people and resources to enhance the capability of the adolescent youth resulting in a trifecta outcome: healthy adolescent today, healthy adult tomorrow and healthy future generations. STAY In School Corp core values strive to maintain a culture of collaboration by working together with various stakeholders to achieve excellence, we are dedicated to integrity by exhibiting the duty of honesty and loyalty while advancing our purpose and mission, we have a commitment to diversity by connecting people to people via cultural engagements, and we strive towards empowerment in leadership by creating sustainable change agents through guidance and philanthropy. We endeavor to provide educational resources and services to adolescent boys and girls and engage them in programs such as life-changing and skill-building social skill experiences, and working alongside other like-minded community leaders. STAY In School Corp support our projects solely on cash and supplies donations from individual private donors. Visit, for more information, join us on Twitter and Instagram at stay_corp.