Stickin’ it to the Workin’ Stiff

Mitt Romney told them they were moochers, so America’s working class should not be surprised when Republicans stick it to them. They should’ve known what they were voting for when they put rich, white folks in charge of Congress.

I don’t know why 61 percent of white working-class voters — meaning those  with no  college degree and those who work for an hourly wage —  chose Republican candidates in November. I suppose they figured the rich, white folks would remember them fondly.

If that’s what happened, those “po’ whites” are in for a jolt.

The new Congress is fixin’ to do them wrong. The Republicans they elected are planning to extend tax breaks for corporations but not for them. A deal now in the works calls for an end to the earned-income and child tax credits introduced by President Obama back in 2009. And guess who benefits from those tax breaks?

Yes, the working poor – including those white working class Americans who voted the Republicans into power.

This new Congress is committed to the Ryan budget (which trashes Social Security and Medicare, and slashes food stamps, school lunches, unemployment insurance and all other kinds of “welfare”)  but is renewing tax breaks for such essential industries as NASCAR and horse racing.

In a Republican America – as the Chinese decreed back in the Eighties – to be rich is glorious.

To be poor is scary  – black, white or whatever color you happen to be.

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