Stop Avocado Abuse!

trumpguacamole Where is Donald Trump (above, left) when America needs him most? He is being strangely reticent in the guacamole debate raging on social media.

The debate has attracted attention from Americans in all walks of life – including the President and candidates vying for his job.

In case you’ve been spending the past week or so in Tibet, I’ll bring you up to speed.

The New York Times food editor recently published a guacamole recipe that includes peas. Oh the outrage! Oh the shock!

President Obama (above, right) immediately twittered in protest. No peas in guacamole, he proclaimed. Onions and garlic yes. Peas no.

Presidential wannabe Jeb Bush joined in the clamor. No peas in his family’s guacamole, either, he assured the voters.

I was astonished. I didn’t realize guacamole (photo above) had become so pervasive in the USA. You mean this foreign concoction has even invaded the White House? I was aware the President indulges in arugula, but guacamole?

Is the Hispanic invasion reaching into the nation’s kitchens now, displacing patriotic American fare like hamburgers and hot dogs? I even heard a CNN anchor confessing that she serves her family guacamole for lunch and dinner!

What’s next? Burritos and chimichangas on the Fourth of July? To the barricades! To the border! Yes, Mr. Trump we must build that wall!

Surely the Donald is not going to stand meekly by while Hispanic invaders abuse our homegrown avocados, beating them to a pulp and serving them to an unsuspecting American public?

I am waiting for him to step up and defend the avocado’s civil rights. This native fruit is in dire danger from those drug dealers and rapists he warned us about – not to mention food editors!

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