Straightening your hair can be deadly

Straightening your hair can be deadly

Recently the hair care industry came under fire about hair straighteners. The Brazilian keratin style hair straightener –or the Brazilian Blow out as it is called is a chemical that is used to coat the hair followed by the use of a flat iron to make the hair straight. This blowout has been said to be loaded with formaldehyde, a chemical that causes cancer and hair loss along with many other problems.  Formaldehyde is a potent gas when inhaled contributes to cancer. What’s funny to me is that this form of hair straightener came under fire because it became very popular amongst celebrities and young white girls fashionistas. What’s sad is that black girls have been using similar products which contain formaldehyde for the same straitening effects on a larger scale long before young white girls, celebrities and all, and it wasn’t a big thing – right. No one bothered to research what black girls used on their hair. I will say this to say, it hurts me deeply that we have not been researching what we are using on our hair. Are we waiting for someone else to do it for us? The dangerous effects of black products are not researched properly and we are killing ourselves because we choose to. I can go on forever but I will write a more extensive article on this at some point.

Fact 1. If you use a relaxer to straighten your black hair you are introducing formaldehyde into your body.

Fact 2. If you are flat ironing your natural hair with some kind of hair straightening aid and you smell a fume you probably are in danger.

Fact 3.  Relaxers contributes to hair loss (alopecia)

Do some research. The price we pay for beauty could be deadly and you wont even know it.