Successful Jamaican Business Entreprene​ur/Radio Host Receives Usa State Recognitio​n

Jamaican born Patricia Baccas-Bowen, founder, CEO host and producer of Future Movement Radio was recently honored with a state ‘Commendation’ from the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, the Hon. Casey Cagle. The Atlanta based  business entrepreneur is the first Caribbean national in the State of Georgia to receive this honor.

“I feel a glowing sense of pride to be the first Caribbean national in the state to be recognized by the Lieutenant Governor for outstanding community service since I moved to Atlanta four years ago” a beaming Baccas exclaimed moments after accepting the award.

Since receiving the Commendation, Pat has been conferred with several other special awards and recognition including a ‘Georgia State Senate Resolution which was presented to her by Senators Steve Henson, Gloria Butler and Ronald Ramsey; a ‘Proclamation’ from Dekalb County District 4 Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton; a ‘Certificate of Community Service’ from the the Mayor Creg Zarus of the City of Pine Lake Georgia, a ‘Proclamation’ from the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners and CEO Richard Oden, a ‘Proclamation’ from Georgia State Representative  Billy Mitchell, a ‘Proclamation from the Georgia State Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp and an invitation to visit the White House in Washington DC.

Among those paying homage to Pat for her work in the community are Georgia State Representative Billy Mitchell, who called her “An outstanding business leader, media professional, advocate and friend. Pat is an institution in our community. Our community is certainly better informed and served because of her activism… It would be just great, if the rest of the world could be so fortunate to have a Pat Baccas!” he said. Senator Henson comments were just as glowing. He described her as “an outstanding individual. I am constantly impressed with her knowledge of issues and deep commitment to keep the community informed” he remarked. 

“I have tremendous respect for Patricia Baccas-Bowen and the work she’s doing in our community,” said Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton. “It’s very fitting that she’s been recognized for her leadership by Georgia’s Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor and the State Senate. But I’m thankful to have her living and serving in DeKalb County as a tireless advocate for good citizenship and positive change in her community and the communities of others.”

Baccas has been a trailblazer, a motivator and a model of inspiration for Caribbean nationals in Georgia. Weeks after her arrival in the state, she plunged into the profession she loves best, radio, establishing a media platform for the Caribbean Community with Future Movement Radio. The program addresses issues affecting Caribbean nationals in the Diaspora and at home in the Islands. She has worked extremely hard to grow the station. Today the station is a powerful force to reckoned with in the community, broadcasting daily on WATB 1420AM, WGFS 1430AM and on the web @  

Pat is fully aware of the powerful allure of the Jamaica brand and is building marketing partnerships with a number of US based Jamaican companies. It is not surprising that she has been able to lure corporate clients like Western Union, Tower Isle Patties, Jamaica National, Digicel, Lime International Telecommunication, True Juice and who are looking to promote their products and services to a niche market in Atlanta.

Among her proud accomplishments are creating and implementing a media awareness campaign for US Census in 2010 and working with the Bureau to encourage Caribbean and South American nationals in the state to be counted. She has conducted several voter registration drives in the community; highlights the importance of getting involved in the electoral process and consistently informing and encouraging Permanent Residents of the benefits of obtaining citizenship.

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 when the worst earthquake in 200 years struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Pat quickly mobilized support for those most affected. She used her radio program to encourage the community to donate to organisations like the Red Cross, CARE and Food For The Hungry and eventually partnered with the World Chamber of Commerce to fly aid into Haiti.

Believing that one person can be the catalyst to institute meaningful and positive change in the community, she has been working and engaging Federal, State, County and City elected officials, Congressional Members, Senators, State Representatives, County Commissioners, Mayors, City Council Members and Judges.

“I have been in dialogue with various state and city officials in Atlanta about a major project that is very dear to me. I am not yet at liberty to reveal all the details but I can say it will impact many lives in Jamaica and will bring substantial financial remuneration to the country when it comes to fruition” she remarked.