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Sun Loungers Sent to Hospital Following Plea for Beds1

Sun Loungers Sent to Hospital Following Plea for Beds

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Lashings Hotel in Treasure Beach delivered some emergency supplies to Mandeville Hospital last night (29th August 2021), following a plea from the hospital’s CEO for assistance from the local tourism sector.
Sun Loungers Sent to Hospital Following Plea for Beds1
A team of helpers from the community assisted in sending sheets, towels, beds, water, toilet roll, napkins and hot food for staff and patients. Lashings Owner David Folb said: “We have taken two trucks full so far and are now waiting for other guests houses and business to drop more stuff to take up there too. The people who are working up in these hospitals are heroes, so we are also taking pizzas for them, as well as for patients who have not got food.

“I want to thank everyone who has donated and dropped items to us at Lashings. Also big thanks to all the staff at Mandeville Hospital who are working around the clock. The kindness of some people is mind blowing. Treasure Beach is a truly wonderful community when we all help like this!”

Sun Loungers Sent to Hospital Following Plea for Beds2
The delivery followed a plea for help from the tourism sector for spare beds to be used in triage areas where patients are awaiting transfer to the wards. Mandeville Hospital’s CEO Alwyn Miller reached out to the Treasure Beach stakeholders in a WhatsApp message, which read: “I urgently need your help in getting some used lounge chairs from the hotel sector to be used to accommodate Covid patients in our triage areas awaiting transfer to the wards. Our five hospitals could use some. Between 10 – 15 each but any at all will be of help.”

Sun Loungers Sent to Hospital Following Plea for Beds3

Mr Miller later told the Jamaica Observer that Covid-19 triage patients were being accommodated in a tent, but recent bad weather has meant they were moved indoors. A photo appeared on social media purporting to be in the hospital’s outpatient department, where patients were seen lying on floors.

Mr Miller told the Observer: “We had a situation on Friday evening where we had 21 patients that were between the tent and the A&E department. It is not practical for us to keep them in the A&E department and the tent, because we recognised that more people are coming in and when they come in, we have to triage them under the tent, so we have to make the space.

“We provided mattresses for them to lie on… That is a holding space prior to them being moved to the isolation ward when the space becomes available.”

If you are able to help or make a donation please contact [email protected]


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