Suppression of Dissent?

If you’ve been wondering what happened to my blogs recently, the answer is very strange – and very disturbing.

A few days ago, the blogs disappeared and I could neither read existing blogs nor write new ones.

The web master, Xavier Murphy, told me the site must have been hacked. It took him a couple of days to restore the site.

I wonder why anyone would want to wipe out blogs on

My blogs have been mostly political, examining American politics from one Jamaican immigrant’s perspective.

The blog I wrote just before the site crashed dealt with Trump’s attempts to muzzle the press, and in several blogs I tried to shine a light in the unsavory shadows of Trump’s past.  One of the comments I received – by a reader named Eddie – included a link to a Dutch video describing Trump’s underworld connections.

Would it be crazy to suggest this had something to do with the site being hacked?

I have been blunt in my criticism of the new American regime, and I have made no attempt to conceal my liberal-progressive convictions.

As you would expect, comments have been favorable and unfavorable. One reader even suggested that should stop publishing political blogs.

Of course I realize that criticism from a blogger on is not one of Trump’s major concerns. And it might be grandiose to suggest that shady characters involved in American politics would take the trouble to retaliate against us. But could some random Trump supporter be the hacker?

After all, who else would want to hack the site?

Anyway, thanks to Xavier, we’re up and running again. And I will continue to speak out whenever I notice something fishy in American politics.