Surely, It Must Be Time to Get Rid of Joe Lieberman

What does Joe know? Senator Lieberman, I mean. He must have some very damaging information on the Democratic Party’s top brass or he wouldn’t still be chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. This two-timing little twerp has double-crossed the Democrats over and over, and yet they still cozy up to him.

joeI won’t recite all of his twists and turns. You probably know about them as well as I do. I am sure you saw him traipsing about behind John McCain during the last presidential campaign, for example. Yet, when Obama thrashed McCain, the Democrats let the little snake into their caucus and gave him back his committee chairmanship.

And, surely, you’ve been reading about his sabotage of health care reform. You probably know that his wife worked for a lobbying firm that represents top health insurance companies, and Lieberman has a record of doing the industry’s bidding. Yet, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still counts Lieberman among “Democrats” in the Senate.

Lieberman’s latest maneuver is an about-turn on expanding Medicare to include people as young as 55. He was the one who introduced the idea back in 2000, when he was Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate. Now, he says he couldn’t possibly let such a thing happen because it would lead to a government takeover of health care.

Lieberman reportedly has told Reid he would support a Republican-led filibuster against the bill if it contained the Medicare provision. I guess that effectively kills any chance of getting a decent health care reform bill through the Senate.

OK, Harry. You’ve been had – again. So forget about health care reform this time.  And forget about Lieberman. Take away his committee chairmanship and organize a campaign to make sure he never gets elected to the Senate again. In fact, make sure he never gets any kind of public job. His term ends in 2012, which should give the Democrats lots of time to organize a crusade to unseat him. And while they’re at it, the Democrats should organize crusades against Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. It’s pointless to have “Democrats” in the Senate who are really Republicans at heart – or, worse, who are simply pawns of anyone who lines their pockets.

As for health care reform, we’ve waited decades to get it. We can wait a few more years to make sure we get it right. I am sure the American electorate has learned by now who is owned by the health care profiteers, and will have the good sense to vote them out of office at the earliest opportunity.