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Surfing T&T Tobago Pro 2012

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The SURFING T&T TOBAGO PRO 2012 is an event that builds on the overwhelming success of the Caribbean Waterman COCRICO PRO TOBAGO 2010 that was held at Mount Irvine during a classic swell in December, producing stand-out performances and excellent displays of camaraderie by the local surfing fraternity. During the COCRIO PRO TOBAGO 2010, hundreds of spectators witnessed as junior surfers (U18) and seasoned veterans shared 8-10+ foot set waves from the point in Mount Irvine, giving their best efforts in the challenging conditions to be recognized as the best performers in several pre-determined categories.
In 2012, the Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Surfing T&T) is building on the success of the predecessor and plans to make the Surfing T&T TOBAGO PRO 2012 truly a surfing event “By the Surfers, for the Surfers” boasting the best local surfers going head to head in the best local waves. Although the competitive spirit and performance levels will be elevated during the surfing will be in the water, one can rest assured that the great vibe and camaraderie of local surfers will prevail throughout the event.

Mount Irvine is home to one of the best surfing waves in the Caribbean. Some surfers consider it one of the most perfect waves in the world. The surfers of Trinidad & Tobago wait patiently for the majority of the year for the few days when this gem comes alive and produces perfectly groomed blue walls of water for the locals to enjoy. The surfing fraternity considers this venue to be sacred.
Breath of Strength Foundation
In June 2011, the Surfing T&T fraternity lost its brother Scott Tucker to a diving related injury in Tobago. Scott was an avid surfer, diver, and waterman. He was a regular on the point in Mt.Irvine, especially when the surf was big and many other surfers were more comfortable looking for safer ground. Average surf competitions in meager surf did not particularly interest Scott, however the Big Wave, High-Quality Surf oriented contest that was the COCRIO PRO TOBAGO 2010 was the type of event that he lived for.
Scott was one of the first entries into the event, motivated by the forecast of a classic giant swell predicted to hit Tobago during the waiting period. He charged the huge waves alongside his friends and was a stand-out performer. It was the last surfing competition that Scott competed in. Many of the top surfers who would vie for top positions in the Surfing T&T TOBAGO PRO 2012 were very close to Scott and soon after his passing organized a Traditional Surfer Paddle Out at Mt.Irvine in his memory, which turned out to be the biggest of its kind ever in Trinidad and Tobago. Scott’s Memorial Paddle Out would be forever engraved in T&T’s Surfing History.
To further his Legacy, Scott’s family has started the Breath of Strength Foundation. The Tucker Family donated the Scott Tucker Memorial Trophy custom built by Perry Faanes from California. This exquisite work of art will be presented to the best overall waterman, whose name will be engraved on the trophy each year.
In addition, the Tucker Family will be donating two (2) top of the line, custom made surfboards. One will go to the winner of the Trophy and one will go to the top performing Junior (U18) surfer.
· Maximum of 24 surfers total in the event.

· 6 spots guaranteed for Juniors.

· 6 spots guaranteed for Masters.

· 10 spots guaranteed for Open.

· All surfers who were awarded prizes in Cocrico Pro 2010 have guaranteed spots in TP12.

· All spot guarantees expire on December 15th and must be PAID before that date.

· 2 foreign wildcards allowed, but no spots guaranteed.

· All entries must pay $100 Surfing T&T 2012 membership.

· All entries must pay $100 Tobago Pro 2012 entry fee.

· All entries are on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.

· Entries are only official with CASH OR CHEQUE.

· Entries can be made at Beach Break Surf Shop Westmall / Trinicity, or Contest Director Jason Apparicio in Tobago.

· Registration Begins December 1st and Ends December 20th.

· Contest will be called on Alert 7 days before, Standby 5 days before, and ON 3 days before.

· Contest will be run in 8-man heats, 2 rounds, 6 heats total. 40 minute heats.

· Contest will be run in a total of 4 hours.

· Each surfer surfs twice. No eliminations.

· Each surfer can ride 5 waves that will be scored in each heat and must come in after last wave.

· A 6th wave ridden to come in to the beach will be tolerated, but not scored.

· Any wave ridden after wave #6, surfer will lose 1 point per wave off highest score.

· Surfers’ Highest score from Round 1 and Round 2 will be combined for a 2 wave total.

· Competitive heat strategies and hassling is strongly discouraged with this format.

· The goal of this format is for surfers to pick the best possible wave and surf it the best he can.

· Normal point etiquette rules apply and will be monitored by officials for abuse of privilege.

· Spotters will be stationed on the point with VHF radios to communicate with judges.

· Junior / Open / Masters will all surf together in mixed heats, points will go to each division.
This is for the surfers who not only excels in the surfing performance arena of the contest, but is also a stand-out all-round Waterman. He must be respectful of other watermen, respected by other watermen, an ambassador for surfing and Mt.Irvine, have a good & positive attitude, be a role model for the youths, and of course be an Outstanding Waterman!
The winner of this honor will be determined 50% by the performance / result of the contest itself and 50% by votes of the competitors, judges and officials of the event. The winner of this honor will have his name engraved in the Trophy and will take home a Brand New Custom …Lost Surfboard courtesy of the Tucker Family and in support of the Breath of Strength Foundation.
This is for the junior surfer that posts the two highest scores in the event. He will win a brand new Custom …Lost Surfboard courtesy of the Tucker Family and in support of the Breath of Strength Foundation.
This is for the masters’ surfer that posts the two highest scores in the event. He will win a weekend (2 nights) at the Blue Waters Inn, Speyside, courtesy of the Breath of Strength Foundation.
This is prize money awarded to the Top Performing surfers in the event (2 wave totals).
1st Place – $1200

2nd Place – $600

3rd Place – $400

4th Place – $200
Most Outstanding Ride – $500
The Opening Ceremony will be held on Mt.Irvine beach at 3.30pm on Friday 30th December 2011. At this ceremony the Scott Tucker Memorial Trophy will be commemorated.
The Closing Ceremony will be held at the Shade Night Club in Bon Accord soon after the final heat of the event, where all prizes will be awarded to competitors.
The age is the persons age at January 1st of 2012. Change that to 10 spots reserved for Open = 24 spots.
A junior can win open pro prize money and the Best Performance by a Junior, but cannot with the Best Overall Waterman.
An open surfer can only win the open pro prize money and potentially the Outstanding Waterman Prize.
A master surfer can win the open pro prize money and potentially the Outstanding Waterman Prize, but cannot also win the Best Performance by a Master as well. Therefor, the Best Performance by a Master goes to the highest combined score by a master that has not won the Outstanding Waterman Prize.
Event Timeline
1/12/11 – 20/12/11 Event Registrations.

30/12/11 Opening Ceremony – 3.30 pm.

31/12/11 – 1/1/12 Competition Waiting Period Days 1 / 2.

7/1/12 – 8/1/12 Competition Waiting Period Days 3 / 4.

14/1/11 – 15/1/12 Competition Waiting Period Days 5 / 6.

21/1/11 – 22/1/12 Competition Waiting Period Days 7 / 8.

28/1/11 – 29/1/12 Competition Waiting Period Days 9 / 10.
Eligible Surfers
1. Che Lovelace

2. Alan Davis

3. Jason Apparicio

4. Barry St George

5. Larry “Shrimpy” Coehlo

6. Stuart “Fowl” Abraham

7. Andrew “Killer” Miller

8. Andrew “Quincy” Cabral

9. Lawrence Morales

10. Mark Nunez

11. Sheldon Wong Chong

12. Stuart Hutton

13. Wayne Hadeed

14. Sherrard Spiers

15. Andrew Awai

16. Craig “Barney” Evelyn

17. Eamon Healy-Singh

18. Edward Albada
18. Keith Lewis

19. Chris Dennis

20. Shane Hennaman

21. Kevin See Tai

22. Justin Tang

23. Donald Koo

24. Mark de Verteuil

25. Alan de Verteuil

26. Duane Kenny

27. Brett Kenny

28. Ryan del Pino

29. Jeffery Stauble

30. Dominic Besson

31. Aaron Besson

32. Troy Hadeed

33. Christian Hadeed

34. Andre Stewart

35. Ryan Chin

36. Stephen Mackenzie

37. Shawn Rostant

38. Jesse Jarvis

39. Brian Ramcharan

40. Christian Reece
41. Mathew Milne

42. Dario Jordan

43. Adrian de Silva

44. Steve Aeschlimann

45. Caelum Blandford

46. Ian Ross-Schweiden

47. Victor
Foreign Wildcards

48. Dean Winters

49. Tom Earl

50. Cheyne Jobson
Any Surfer not listed can contact surfing T and T in writing for consideration to be added.
Cocrico Pro 2010 RESULTS
Monster Drop / Biggest Wave – DUANE KENNY

Best / Biggest Barrel Ride – ALAN DAVIS

Heaviest Wipeout – SCOTT TUCKER

Best High-Performance Surfing Exhibit – ANDRE STEWART

Best Big-wave Surfing Exhibit – BARRY ST.GEORGE

Best Overall Waterman Performance – BARRY ST.GEORGE

Most Improved Performer (OPEN) – ANDRE STEWART

Most Improved Junior (U18) – MATHEW MILNE

Best Master Performance (35+) – CHE LOVELACE


Super-Session 1st (OPEN) – ALAN DAVIS

Super-Session 2nd (OPEN) – JASON APPARICIO

U18 juniors 1st (Male) – ADRIAN DE SILVA

U18 juniors 2nd (Male) – MATHEW MILNE

U18 juniors 3rd (Male) – DARIO JORDAN

U18 juniors 4th (Male) – CAELUM BLANDFORD

U18 juniors 5th (Male) – IAN ROSS-SCHWEDEN

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