Tafari And Beenie Searches For Love; Big Youth Advises

Highly influenced by Hip-Hop music but born and bred on tha rock with a heart of Reggae, Recording artiste Tafari got to adding the vocals of Dancehall King Beenie Man and his dad Big Youth to a remixed version of his ‘Money In Ma Pocket’ single which has now been added to Sirius XM radio playlist.  

‘Money In Ma Pocket’ is produced on Tafari’s indie Rud3 Music Label LLC and has been released on iTunes since last year but Tafari vibed remixing the track late December 2012 with Beenie Man and Big Youth’s opinion of the subject.

On the prowl for love,  ‘Money In Ma Pocket,’ is a tale of Tafari’s adventure in search of love, “shawty sey she loves me but I just don’t believe.. God forbid if I go broke I know she’s gonna leave.” The video shot on location in Kingston Jamaica, sparked some controversy among Tafari’s female fans who questioned his reason to go searching for love in a strip joint.  But as it turned out Taf did not find what he was looking for there and at the end of the video he continued his prowl.

This might have been his reason for remixing the track to add dept and a continuous vibe to the concept.  Beenie Man puts it down telling his own story or did he when he said, “…me want a woman whey love me for me n mek me feel n know what’s real……want an empress inna me life nuh pretty face whey a gold dig” making it known publicly that he too is on the prowl.  And what about Big Youth, is he on the prowl too?  Big Youth played his role throwing out some solid advise, “but money can’t buy you a queen with a heart dats clean n pure n genuine.” Watch Tafari’s Money In Ma Pocket video here:- and get to iTunes to download a copy of the remix.
By: Sophia McKay