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Tania Hernandez aka Miss Tania Lou Strikes Again with Music Album1

Tania Hernandez aka Miss Tania Lou Strikes Again with Music Album

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Tania Hernandez, from she was a child has always dreamed of becoming a singer and recording artist. As a “bawn Jamaican”, Tania remembers in her early years, singing on her verandah at home, church, school and at family functions. She recalls that a lady by the name of Mrs. Sleem would ask her to write lyrics for some of her songs, when she was barely a teenager.  Now in her mid fifties, as a Canadian citizen,  she has written 3 books within a 6 year period, and this year, she has completed her album, Shades of My Heart – a compilation of 14 songs, 13 of which she has written, and 1 she did a cover on.  These songs can be heard on all downloading and streaming sites.

Tania Hernandez aka Miss Tania Lou Strikes Again with Music Album1
Tania says that her voice never “buss” until she was in her early twenties, when she prayed and asked God to improve her voice in the higher register, and in return she would spread the gospel of love, through every artistic expression that she could use to inspire others.

Family members and friends would ask her to perform at family events. She wrote many songs, one of which got her the crown as Miss Bank of Jamaica, a talent competition, when she sang her own composition – When You Smile. As an early teen, she got 2nd place in the Miss Hal Jackson Competition in Montego Bay, Jamaica, when she sang, Sheena Easton’s song, “For Your Eyes Only.”  She won her high school’s  Miss Holy Childhood competition. She even wrote her mother’s wedding song. She has written many songs for birthdays, wedding and church events. Tania remembered that she was asked to sing Ave Maria at a wedding. This was her first time singing an operatic song. A gentleman came up to her, complimented her and asked where she studied opera. She replied, “I never had formal training. This is a gift from God.”  The gentleman was taken aback.

During the covid 19 crisis, Tania’s creative juices was fired up, and it was at this time that she wrote most of the songs that she recorded professionally. She had written many other songs before, but she developed the mastery of putting together lyrics and music, so that it was of recording quality. Her voice got more powerful as she reached her fifties, and she decided to seize the opportunity to make her dream a reality.  She sent an audio of her song, Jus’ Smile – a reggae conscious lyrics song to music producer Joseph Osborn, and when he approved – the sky was the limit for her. Tania Hernandez, a wife, a mother and grandmother, who has been gifted with many abilities as a motivational speaker, teacher, Jamaican folklorist, actor, singer and author, decided that now is the time to become a recording artist. She said, “I always tell my children that preparation plus opportunity will lead to success. So all my years of performing and writing has brought me to this juncture of my life to fulfill a lifelong dream – this is the moment! And it is good! You are never too old to do what you desire!” Her album, Shades of My Heart, touches on the subject of faith, life, love and resilience. She did a cover of Harry Belafonte’s Coconut Woman, and she wrote inspiring songs like – Jus’ Smile, Shades of My Heart2020!, Christmas Soca, Concert Time! A Tribute to Miss Lou, among many others. The feedback from her followers has been very positive!


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