Tanto Metro & Devonte Remake A Classic

Kingston, Jamaica: – Tanto Metro & Devonte remake the 1983 UK classic ‘Right By Your Side’ sung by British pop duo Eurythmics. The original song, written by group members Annie Lennox and David A Stewart, was released as the second single from Eurythmics’ third album ‘Touch’. ‘Right By Your Side’ is an up tempo love song, which features a calypso music instrumental backdrop, complete with steel drum and marimba sounds as well as a horn section.

“Little Lenny had the idea for us to do this cover years ago, and we just never got around to doing it. Every time I’d see him he’d ask about it so I finally decided to give it a try”, Devonte commented.

The remake is produced by Devonte and Paul ‘Patchy’ Wright. Devonte and Patchy set out to remake the music using some of Jamaica’s most talented musicians. They enlisted the help of Andrew Thomas (drums), Danny Basey (bass), Dean Fraser (horns), and the Dean Fraser singers – Althia Hamilton, Nicky Burt and Rochelle Bradshaw (Chorus backup) to recreate the original sound. For a more authentic sound they used real steel drums, played by UWI student Kevin Brown, as opposed to the Eurythmics’ original where a synthesized steel drum was used. The track was mixed by Steven Stanley.

“We decided to recreate the music so that we could get a genuine and authentic sound. It took a lot of time but in the end it was worth it. The instrumental is clean, crisp and clear” Devonte remarked.

Tanto Metro & Devonte’s ‘Right By Your Side’ is scheduled to be released in April and plans are in place for a video to be made.