Team Jamaica Bickle Gives To GC Foster

The G.C Foster College of Physical Education and Sport and Team Jamaica Bickle has partnered once again for Sport Development of the College.

The college received US$8,000 from the Diaspora-based group at a function held at the Sport Development Foundation today (September 7).   Last year Team Jamaica Bickle renewed its ten year partnership of contributing to the development of the sport programme at the college, and this year they have made a contribution once again. Team Jamaica Bickle was represented by CEO, Irwine Clare, while the College had Principal, Head Track and Field Coach, Athletic Director, Edward Shakes, Maurice Wilson and Ventley Brown respectively.

Also on hand, was Patricia Saunders, a lady who has been in charge of the food preparation for Team Bickle for the last 15 years, ensuring that the quality and standards are maintained, of course consistent with our theme “our athletes, our ambassadors”. Patricia is a proud recipient of last year’s TJB, Philadelphia Award for her commitment to the athletes at the Penn Relays, and a recipient of one of Caribbean Festival and Cultural Organization’s awards for her ongoing commitment to the success of the annual Caribbean Festivals.

Mr. Shakes in response, stated, “These are challenging times for the G.C Foster students who are seeking to get a higher education and break the cycle of poverty in their families” Mr. Shakes and his administration are in the process of planning a special development plan for the college and ask that professionals in the Diaspora help by providing their services.