Thanks to telecommunication companies LIME and Digicel students at the Miracle Tabernacle Free Town

Church of God of Prophecy in Clarendon enjoyed some well need back to school supplies. On Sunday following their children service the students eagerly collected their back to school supplies. For lay minister Valerie Campbell-James it was a joy with a tinge of sorrow.

“I wish we had enough so that every single person in the church and the surrounding environs could receive but the reality is that things are tight,” she said.

However, with the goal being to impact one life at a time, the outreach arm of the church presses on. The church also received contributions from an overseas based artiste Anthony Malvo who shared in the vision and thought it great to give back to his country. Honey Bun contributed snacks.
With this treat behind us now, we are looking forward to our next project which is the annual children’s treat during which kids from the community are feted and given a gift at the end of the day.

Sunday School Superintendent Marcia Thompson Bryan says in spite of the challenges she is hoping that sponsors will still come on board to ensure the tradition is maintained.

The Miracle Tabernacle is co-pastored by Zebulah Aiken and comes under the umbrella of the Church of God of Prophecy in  Jamaica and the Grand Cayman.