The Credits Keep Rolling…

As Yaadinfo grows, so does its repertoire, and the family increases! This week we welcome world-renowned Jamaican actor and author, Vas Blackwood.

Vas Blackwood began his professional acting career twenty years ago (neva know a soh him owwwl). Many consider him to be the Englishman’s Samuel L. Jackson. His theatre work includes extensively touring the UK and Europe with The Black Theatre Co-Op. Vas has also worked at the National Theatre, Riverside Studios, The Lyric, Young-Vic, numerous repertory Theatres and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

As with most actors, Vas Blackwood made the simple transition into Television. His extensive Credits include, The Lenny Henry Show (BBC), Annika, Directed by Colin Nutley (ITV-Film) and who can forgot Vas’s classic one off performance as Lennox “The Shadow” Gilbey in Only Fools and Horses (BBC).

Motion pictures include:

  • ‘Tight Trousers’ (Nominated for a Bafta Short film award)
  • ‘The Escapist’ starring John Lee Miller
  • ‘Arthur’s Hallowed Ground’ (Produced by David Puttnam and Directed by Freddy Young who won four Oscars as David Lean’s DP in movies such as Lawrence of Arabia and Bridge over River Kwai).

Movies like the world famous Guy Richie gangster flick, ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking-Barrels’ have earned Vas Hollywood approval, while other stand out movie performances can be seen in ‘Mean Machine’, Brit-Horror-Flick ‘Creep’, Jamaican style Romeo and Juliet ‘One-Love’ and UK urban independent flick classic ‘Rollin with the Nine’. 2011 will see Vas Blackwood Co-Starring in ‘Mother-Lost’ Starring Michael Ironside and ‘Mercenaries’ Starring Bill Zane.

But it is important to mention that Vas Blackwood has performed in a few Classic Blue Mountain Theatre Jamaican root’s plays such as ‘Bups’, ‘Higglers’, and ‘Revenge of a Black Woman’ all 3 plays alongside Audrey ‘Dancehall Queen’ Reid. Vas and Audrey united acting ties in 2009 working together in Hit Jamaican TV Comedy Drama ‘Me and Mi Crew’. The Jamaican public warmed to Vas’s portrayal of Uptown UK expat lunatic, Mr. Wedderburn. Rumour has it that Vas has agreed to appear in season 3. Filming is scheduled for 2011.

The new blog, Vastaman, is set in the fictional world of Chocko-Blocko. Vastaman’s “Blog-opera” are satirical Narrations about the urban Choco-Blocko Community.

Vastaman was born and raised in Chocko-Blocko a small town situated in light years from Zion. The Vastaman Blog-Opera divulges the continual saga of Vastaman. Generally speaking Vastaman, the heathen, has become a product of his society. The streets of Choco-Blocko are paved with hilarity, treachery, greed, deception and most importantly community spirit. Vastaman considers himself a survivor, wheeling and dealing are the order of the day. Nothing happens in Chocko-Blocko without Vastaman knowing. His cell-phone never stops ringing and making Money “By all means Necessary” is this young hustler’s code of conduct. Just like the average man on the Chocko-Blocko streets, Vastaman believes that his “Jackpot-Lottery” is just around the corner.