The Double Whammy



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Hillary Clinton should choose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.

Yes, let’s have two women on the ticket!

That should give the guys down at the pub something to chew on. That should prompt more fatuous remarks from Donald Trump about “playing the woman card.”

Did anyone accuse Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter or John Kerry or whoever of playing the man card when they tapped another guy for vice president?

Of course not.

We’ve had two men on the same ticket for generations. Nobody complained about that.

I am exasperated when I read some dopey piece wondering whether Americans are ready for a woman President. And I got really grouchy this morning when I read a Chicago Tribune article pondering the possibility of having a woman as Hillary’s running mate.

What’s so new and different about that?

Nobody cried foul when John McCain chose Sarah Palin. And there was a real possibility that Palin could have become President if McCain had won the White House. He is no spring chicken.

I didn’t even hear any complaints all those years ago when Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro for his ticket.

ntr-campaign-card-2-ahc-digital-colxnsThere are several female governors in America today.

Wyoming elected Nellie Tayloe Ross (at right) as governor back in 1925. Texas voted in Miriam Ferguson shortly afterwards. Even South Carolina and Alabama have elected women as governors.

There are any number of women in Congress. There are women cops and women soldiers and women boxers – even “ultimate fighters.”

Yes, America, women are people, too!

And if a woman happens to be the most qualified candidate for any job – including vice president and President – I say go for it!

The Tribune piece

America’s female governors