The Dragon on the Prowl


Napoleon Bonaparte warned more than two centuries ago:

Let China sleep, for when the dragon awakes, she will shake the world

But the world didn’t listen.  Driven by greed, Western powers found China’s allure irresistible. Over the years, western intrusions helped spawn Communism, which has morphed into a ruthlessly effective hybrid political system, accompanied by robust economic growth.

Now, the dragon is fully awake. Look out world!

President Xi Jinping is  breathing fire. He recently warned that  China is ready to go to war to claim its “rightful place” among global powers.

Xi is now president for life in China. And  he is no friend of the USA.

Trump is palling around with Taiwan and bad-mouthing China, which Xi obviously finds irritating. The US president’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports didn’t win him any good will in China, either.

Then there’s the dispute over territory in the South China Sea.

But I don’t think America faces an imminent military threat from China.

In addition to being one of America’s top trading partners, China is a major US creditor, and has acquired significant assets in this country. Blowing up American real estate would be clumsy. I bet Chinese aggression will be far more subtle.

I suspect Alibaba’s recent alliance with ALEC is a signal of Xi’s preferred strategy.

Alibaba, which is owned by the Chinese government, is ostensibly an e-commerce giant, but doubles as a massive espionage operation. ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council)  is a think tank that writes model legislation for local, state and federal governments. Examples of their work include “stand-your-ground” gun laws and legislation allowing private prisons.

I’m  sure I don’t have to tell you how I suspect this alliance will empower China.

It is obviously part of a far reaching plan to influence American policy. You might recall that China’s multibillion-dollar chemical company, Wanhua, has joined the American Chemistry Council, a lobbying organization for chemical manufacturers.

According to an article on The Intercept website:

The ACC spent over $40 million … on contributions to super PACs, lobbying, and direct expenditures. (Additional money flowed directly to candidates via the ACC’s political action committee.)

Don’t you worry that with the Russians pulling the strings through hacking and sponsorship of political candidates and China shaping policy through ALEC, the ACC and who knows what else, our national security may be at risk?

And I bet Russia and China are not the only foreign powers manipulating American policy through contributions to political causes and candidates.

Don’t you wonder how much longer Americans will enjoy government of the people for the people and  by the people?

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