The Easiest Means of Positively Affecting Your Community

Over the next 30 days, we will be deciding to invest 10 minutes to answer 10 questions that will have huge implication as to how $4 Trillion will be spent in communities around the United States.  Around tiny leverages swing big consequences .


Yes, it is time for the census again, and  in a democratic society our individual involvement will play a key role in the success of how communities in which we live receieve their fair share in Federal investment monies for schools, hospitals, supermarkets, emergency services et al.


In the census of 2000, there is an estimated under count of 3 million and guess where the majority of these count reside?


To prevent a repeat of this disaster, a coalition of people of color has been formed to combine our genius and efforts to get the word out and provide assurances as to the safety of this process, and encourage full participation.


On Wednesday, March 3, a kick -off press conference took place on Capitol Hill before the barnstorming of key cities in the US take place.


Below is a pictorial highlight of some of the leaders who had led the coalition.   The person who leads the Caribbean partnership is Dr. Claire Nelson, founder and president of the Institute of Caribbean Studies.


“It is guesstimated that we are 5 million strong.  But who knows how many we really are”

Dr. Claire Nelson, Founder & President of Institute of Caribbean studies


“We have to come together to answer 10 questions to receive ten years of benefits”

Melanie Campbell , Executive Director and CEO of the National Coalition and catalyst behind the press conference


The mother of the Civil Rights Movement was present and supportive

Dr. Dorothy Height, of the National Council of Negro Women


“This census is particularly important. At its core is money, power and key information”.

Congressman William Clay, chair of Subcommittee on Information Policy, and the Census


 “Our coalition will assure our communities that it is safe to participate in the census.  Our reputation depends on this.  It is illegal to share the census information with any third party agency”.

Benjamin Afrifa, Chairman of the African Federation

Poster featuring the late Congressman Shirley Chisholm,  whose had deep Caribbean roots.

Now it is your turn:

  •  Dedicate just 10 minutes to fill out this streamlined census form.

  • Pay careful attention to Question 9 and fill in your race and country of origin

  • Pledge to spread the word in your workplace, neighborhood, church, barbershop,supermarket, club

  • Stand up and be counted or forever hold your peace.